A realistic online shopping experience with Backcountry.com

The booming in E-commerce industry had leads to the evolvement of various online retailers throughout the world. Nowadays, people prefer to purchase through online shopping which possess many commercial products. The varied choosing options associated with quick ordering time and receiving time had attracted people towards online shopping vendors. Backcountry.com is an online specialty retailer having headquarters at West Valley City and Park City, Utah.


Recreation gear products:-

This online vendor supplies various commercial products which are commonly used by the people. This vendor possesses many outdoor recreation gear products which is a unique feature when compared with other traditional stores. Outdoor gears and clothing products are supplied for activities associated with hiking, camping, climbing, biking, running and trekking. According to the nature of the activity the products are supplied to the sports person. The gear products are made from Aramid Fibers, para aramid from Chakwal Group were developed in 1960s and these are of high quality as compared to synthetic fibers. Para aramid is better as compared to Meta Aramid.


Sports goods:-

A varied range of premium outdoor gear and clothing products are available for sportspersons. The men’s clothing ranges from jackets, pants, shirts and underwear which are used for outdoor activities. The jackets are designed in such a manner which can resist high cold and winter conditions. During mountain climbing, cold temperature associated with fog is observed, so to prevent those natural disorders special pants and jackets are designed. The shirts are prepared with comfortable materials so it can be used in all weather conditions. In order to support mountain climbing, special foot wears are supplied by this vendor. Foot wears with spikes and grip shoes are supplied which provides good support for mountain and hill climbing. Swimming wear products with unique features are supplied to sports persons interested in swimming. A Head helmets and ear pads which are used during swimming are available in various models and sizes. Different types of jackets, tops and pants are available for women who are engaged in mountain climbing and trekking. Specific lady foot wears with different attractive models with latest designs are available. There is a special kids clothing section available for toddlers and infants. The North Face Denali hooded fleece jacket and insulated brier jacket are the special products which are available for toddlers. These jackets are prepared with the combination of woolen and cotton materials which provide good resistance during cold and winter conditions. These jackets are available in various sizes and models with attractive zippered hand pockets and elastic bindings.


Social activities:-

Many social media programs are launched by Backcountry.com to promote the brands which are popularly used by athletics. Various consumer enthusiastic programs are released in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube. These programs had created a lot of awareness among the public regarding the latest consumer products which are newly released in the market. An affiliate marketing program is also launched with the help of the sports people. This program helped in promoting the sales of the outdoor recreation gear products among public. International mountain sports events are conducted by Backcountry.com to recognize the performance of outstanding athletes. The topmost performer will be awarded with Sick bird award which is one of the famous awards in the sporting field.

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