Oculus Rift Review : The Best Virtual Reality Headset in a Market

Oculus is mainly a company related to technology which modernizes the modes of people in which they experience the video games. Oculus Rift is VRHMD, which means virtual reality head-mounted display that works for the gaming objectives. It is build up by Oculus VR. A number of techniques are there to see through HMD’s. In which Oculus Rift is a new technique. It is a kind of display tool which can be wearable on the head. It possesses a little optic display that may be at the front of each eye.

Release date of Oculus Rift:-

Palmer Luckey is the inventor of Rift. He came up with an idea to develop a new head-mounted display that would be more helpful and economical for gamers as compare to that one’s already present in the market. Its release was expected in the first quarter of 2016. Oculus declared it as the first qualified PC based virtual reality headset. Rift has assets of integrated headphones along with the device. They produce a good quality of audio. It has revolving and positional tracking. Moreover, the positional tracking is executed by a USB stationary IR antenna. You can put it on your desk which will permit you to use it while standing, sitting, or walking in the same room.

Oculus Rift has experienced many kinds of trial procedures. Among them, only five were shown off to the public. Its two samples were introduced to the market for purchasing. They are known as Development Kit, DK1 which was made available in the late 2012 and DK2 in the mid of 2014. This was for giving the developers an option for upgrading the content within time for releasing the Oculus Rift. Both the versions were purchased by numerous people because they want to have a prompt screening of the equipment.

Resolution and Description:-

It owns a resolution of 1080*1200 per eye. It has a 90 Hz of recharging velocity and offers an extensive arena of vision. It makes use of high value of lenses for the perfect vision. Rift is one of its types which do not make you sick.

Oculus Rift’s Usage:-

Basically, Rift is different from other devices that you have ever practiced. It can be used for playing a game, flying to your destination on new side of the world, watching a movie, or even killing your time with friends in VR. By wearing this device you will sense as you are actually there.

Objectives behind Oculus Rift:-

The main objective of Oculus behind the invention of Oculus Rift is to facilitate the users to go through the impossible. The invention of this device unlocks the opportunity to enjoy the new experiences.

Oculus Rift Features:-

  • It is easy to modify.
  • It is comfortable to wear than the previous versions.
  • The model is outstanding like the experiences it facilitates.
  • Its headset permits the user to use the lenses which suits to your eyes.
  • The device is flexible. You can take it anywhere and everywhere you want.
  • It possesses two OLED screens which erases the possibility of blur images.

Oculus Rift provides a kind of thrilling experience:-

Rift has that superior skill of displaying with an accurate tracking system that allows you to feel the sense of presence. Wearing this tool you will feel as if you are actually there. You will feel that you are present in the world which you are seeing by wearing it. It would be like that someone has cast a magic spell and it transforms everything within you. No one has ever experienced the fascination like that.

In addition, it is a modern platform for interaction. You can be able to share your experiences with the other people. You cannot only reveal the best moments but also can share the entire journey and experiences online with anyone.

Oculus Rift for Gaming:-

Oculus declared that Rift is used mainly for playing games. It is also affirmed that the most excellent virtual reality games are those that are intended for the Rift. A large number of AAA games are sponsored by it which includes Euro Truck simulator 2, Elite, Project Cars, Dirt Rally, and Dangerous. It also supports an enormous number of Indie games like Ether One and Aaaaa. Further, Oculus disclosed that it is completely supporting more than 20 second party high ranking manufacturing games which are prepared solely for the Rift. One among these is Insomniac’s Edge of Nowhere.

Oculus Rift for Media and Virtual Reality Movies:-

Apart from games, Rift also permits to view movies and videos within the cinema environment. It gives the user sensitivity as if they are viewing the movie on a cinema screen. In addition to it, Oculus Rift also provides a chance to look modern media such as virtual reality movies and 3D videos, which is not viable to see on our regular PCs.

Moreover, it also assists new modes of entertainment experiences. This is known as virtual reality movies. Oculus launched Oculus story studio to build up this type of content for Rift.

Oculus Rift uses for Architects and Engineers:-

It permits the architects to see through it how their building will look like. This thing cannot be noticed by the out dated monitors.

Prominent investors of Oculus Rift:-

One of the most prominent investor in Oculus Rift is Thomas Tull, who is the C.E.O. of Legendary Entertainment. He considers that the effect of virtual reality will be much more noteworthy than the previous inventions like 3D movies and HDTV. Another important name is Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, who also invested in this device. In March 2014, he revealed that he will bet this tool for more than $2 billion.

Price in UK:-

Its price is 400 Pounds online in UK. Whereas, it’s official price is $350. A short time ago, it is found out that Oculus Rift will sell for around 200 Pounds in the UK and $200 in the US.


It’s a new generation invention. We can say that Rift offers an astonishing and amazing visual fidelity and a broad arena of vision. It is developed mainly for gaming purpose. You can now enjoy gaming on an entirely new level.

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