World top 7 soccer players

Trust me it was quite a mess to figure out the best top seven players in Europe, especially, when there are a countless number of good champions in this sport, who also deserves to be on the list of best or top sports persons of 2016. There can be a disagreement with my statements of the top players, but this article has been written on my own perspective and doesn’t mean defame anyone’s choice. Without a doubt there are many sports men that are good enough to be on the list, unfortunately, I shorten it down and making it to 7 top players to be concise and detailed. Following are the top 7 soccer stars, also known as the best Europe’s soccer players.soccer1

  • Lionel Messi (Argentina Barcelona):

Yes, the top ten soccer players list is easy to guess. Obviously, it’s Messi made it on top of the list. He is five times winner of the Ballon d’Or of the football world. Trust me if you can, I didn’t include his name because of some awards, but noted his overall performance of the last year 2015 where he won 5 major cups within the club and UEFA and La Liga Champions League 2015. For the past 12 months, there are numerous proud achievements by Messi which includes balloon d’Or awarded in Jan 2016. Although he is not on his fitness stage, but he is still an outstanding star.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, real Madrid):

It was quite evident to put Ronaldo on the list, top of it. But seems like someone played a little better than him which made it to the second best athlete on the list. He had been a balloon d’Or winner for three times (last one to win was 2015). What else do you want to know about Ronaldo? He is considered as the richest soccer player, most handsome looking celebrity and highest earning athlete and obviously the second best sports man now in 2016. Ronaldo never made the bang on world cup that you could possibly wish for. Indeed, 2014 champions league couldn’t make the total CR and Ronaldo’s fourth goal was a sheer nail into Atletico coffin (Lisbon). This is why the real Madrid couldn’t earn much positive in the year 2015, but I guess there is no space of argument that Ronaldo is the backbone of football all over the year.soccer2

  • Manuel Neuer (Germany, Bayern Munich):

If the question was who is the top goalkeeper Manuel with any doubt rocks the list. He has been at the top or closer to any other keeper in 2014 as well as 2015. He brought world cup home and Bayern the domestic double. He refined the goalkeeping techniques and took it to a whole other level of modern goalkeeping in soccer. He is considered as world’s best goalkeeper.

  • Sergio Aguero, (Manchester):

Manchester won a pair of titles by Aguero. He scored 108 in 164 in sky blue appearances. He is paid 50$ million for his city. He has made up to the list without any second thoughts, but his consistency is easily questioned when Messi is on the ground too. But whenever he gets the chance he achieves what he is best at- scoring goals. He has been awarded as Premier league’s top 26 scorers. But he is in a crucial stage of the injuries were as his city has high hopes for him.soccer3

  • Joel Campbell (Arsenal):

Almost everyone remembers Campbell recognizing himself to the world by doing in Costa Rica win including England, Italy, and Uruguay 2014’s world cup. Campbell joins Arsenal for 2015\16 season. Campbell when later forced into Arsenal and had to surprise no one other than Arsene Wenger. Campbell is the reason behind arsenal’s stability despite so many injuries. Arsene will defiantly not going to give up on Campbell and will wait till his recovery.

  • Raheem Sterling (Manchester):

Raheem is quite an unaware name, right? Yet he has played for few years as has been a fixture for the world cup (England) in 2014. But as the matter of truth, this 21 year old player has commanded over 49 million pounds and yet getting better and better day by day. Coming summer 2016 he would be the next hit for Euro 2016 Live.

  • Paulo Dybala (Juventus):

He is a 21-year-old boy and is well known as Argentina striker and has been reserved for many big games. Moreover, Palermo (president) compared him with Sergio back in 2012. Dybala was coming back with a fire so is Juventus after settling down in Italy for a couple of months he is back. The striker is surely back in form. He scored four goals and managed to score two goals in final league matches 2016. He is only getting better and better by 2016 this is why Juventus have high hopes for him. There is a possibility after looking at his performance, he will be lined up next to Messi (Argentina) in Copa America Centenario next summer.

This list can be modified, therefore if you have any suggestions then kindly let me know about your point of view in the comments section. Thanks.


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