Top Melbourne Attractions

Melbourne is one of the most livable cities in Australia which has a European feel. There is a lot to do and see in Melbourne. The list of top attractions of Melbourne includes everything from public spaces and heritage sites to museums and beautiful historical buildings. There is much more to Melbourne which you should explore besides the biggest spots of tourist attractions.

  • Federation Square

One of the most famous places in Melbourne for both natives and tourists is “Federation Square”. It came into being in 2002 to welcome the people for sightseeing. It organizes 2,000 events annually for the entertainment and fun of the audience. It also consists of the houses “Australian Centre for the Moving Image” which is also known as “Fed Square” while the other one is “Ian Potter Centre”. Moreover, this beautiful and well-known place is located at the opposite of Flinders Street Station. Some even used to hate this place initially but despite that, it has been an integral part of the city.

  • Yarra River

The other top cultural attraction of Melbourne is “Yarra River” which incorporates a lot of restaurants, indoor and outdoor cafes, and many other live entertainment events. There is also a market which displays the best pieces of arts and craft every Sunday. If you want to get something worth spending your money, this is the right place to visit. You can also buy beautiful gifts from here for your family, relatives, and friends. Moreover, a lot of festivals are arranged here throughout the year. The Art Centre is a place exclusively for spaces and theatres which includes Hammer Hall, State Theatre, Fairfax Theatre, and Playhouse.

  • Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market has also become a must-visit spot of Melbourne. It is a very loud and crowded place which consists of a lot of stallholders who offer fresh products to their customers. It has a huge variety of fruits, veggies, meat, dairy products, and other goods. Everything is available in its pure form which is hard to find anywhere else. People who have agoraphobia might not visit this place but if you don’t have any such issue, it is advised to visit this market at least once whenever you go to Melbourne and feel like tasting the fresh food and products.

  • Dockland

Dockland is the new waterfront region of Melbourne which gets a lot of attraction from the people or tourists. The view you get to see from here is so spectacular that it would make you surprised. In the southern hemisphere, there are a huge number of green-star rated buildings. However, the satellite village incorporates a lot of parklands, restaurants, cafes, and tourist attractions. Moreover, this area is home to the Icehouse, Etihad Stadium, and Junior Wonderland.

Long story short, Melbourne is a beautiful city with a lot of rich cultural attractions, spectacular areas, best hikes, and historical buildings with magnificent architecture. So, if you plan to visit this city, you should pay the visit to as many places as you can.

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