Things your Mechanic Won’t tell you

People get fed up of their mechanic’s dishonesty and misleading. They go hard in your pockets, after all, they are the experts and they know you don’t have a choice you will pay anything to get that most expensive thing of yours repaired that is your car. They can charm you with a beautiful smile and friendly attitude and take advantage of your trust on him. They can ditch you with the wrong diagnosis, customer service, and professionalism. But you don’t need to worry anymore because the code of silence in the field of mechanical repair is broken and here are some things you need to know which your mechanic won’t tell.

ASE (Automotive service excellence) CERTIFICATE:

THEY can fool you with fake certification or will tell you that his mechanics are certified do not trust him always check either they are ASE certified because this certification means your mechanic passed a written test for one area of mechanical repair. There are no classes on how to repair the car and its part other than this certification. Only reputable shop owners will display it proudly so next time your car need a fix check the certificate of the person you trust your precious car.


Don’t hesitate in asking questions ever, ask your mechanic about his background from where did he study from how long he is in this business, warranties offered, licenses, types of equipment and business partners(if any). Go for a clean garage. A dirty rag with oil spills everywhere and worn tires is a red flag.


It is nuts to take your car with engine problems without analyzing and scanning. Every time check engine light comes on there is always one DTC diagnosis trouble code your mechanic will simply look DTC and give u an estimated repair based on it even if there is no such problem in the engine that needs a repair. And if your mechanics tells you he doesn’t need fancy equipment’s go for one who does. The least you can do is a little homework watch online videos they are a great help in determining what repairs you actually need.


Even billboards on the road recommend changing your motor oil after every 3000miles which are not necessary even your mechanic tells you to get an oil change after every 3000miles because it is quite expensive. But with improvements in high-quality lubricants in the assembly of engine you don’t need to change oil after every 3000mile. Cars today don’t’ need an oil change so frequently, in fact, an best certified mechanics in downriver michigan will tell you to get an oil change after 5000miles or 7000miles according to the oil consumption of each individual car model.


Always take second opinions so you know who is making you fool and what exactly need to be fixed. But while doing so never tell the mechanic your first diagnosis.


When a part of your car need to be repaired or replaced always asks your mechanic to use high-quality equipment and if a part is replaced with the original always ask to return back the original part. Don’t ever compromise on the quality and get your original automotive part change only if it’s the last thing to do.


Before you get your work done on emission parts consult your dealer most of these items carry long warranties and free replacement is required by law.


If mechanic insists you to get extra work done always ask him to show the wear and tear of the part they recommend replacing. Always show your concern keep asking questions so that he know he can’t fool you easily.


Always ask them to give written estimated cost for repair which includes labor cost, parts, and discounts exchange numbers so that he informs you when further work is needed in your car. Keep all written receipts as evidence.

mechanicwonttell3DON’T GET FOOLED WITH COPIES:

Markets now have china copies of every automotive part. If your mechanic recommends replacing a part always ask him to show you the box or packing of the part to be replaced. There are many well-known sources find out the best ones.


It’s as difficult to find a best worker as to find a good customer. A good person will explain you each and everything you need to know about repair phase and will give you better advice and alternatives. Go to an automotive repair shop which is running its business from years and are experienced.


Always go for a test drive to check your brake pads. And after your car is serviced and repaired.

There are a number of things your mechanic won’t tell you these were some of few. Thanks to all the advancements you can always watch online videos about what needs to be fixed in your car and can even fix it yourself.

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