Sample essay on my favorite city Moscow

It was my first trip to Moscow and before going to Moscow I have consulted about this city with my advisor. He told me that Moscow is a very expensive city having hotel rooms for about $1000 and $12 coffees.

Moscow city night

Moscow’s Airports:

There are three international airports in Moscow that are Domodedovo, Vnukovo and the third one is Sheremetyevo.  All of them are constructed outside the Moscow.


The next thing after landing over the airport is the issue of accommodation. Where should I go to stay was the first question in my mind? But thanks to my advisor who was with me throughout the whole journey. He took me to the Godzilla’s Hostel which is the oldest and the largest hostel of the city. You will get this hostel in the historical center. I found this area with numerous cafes which were inexpensive and that was the good news for me. We both found this place quite good for us because it has also a metro located station at the roadside.

Transportation System:

This city has the best transport system in the whole world. This big town has a little bit cold weather in winter and I along with my advisor decided to walk through the streets in this chilly weather. But soon we got to know that Moscow metro is more likely to be traveled in the city. For one ride and two rides, Moscow’s metro cost $0.80 for 50 rubles and $1.60 for 100 rubles. There was also an option of 32 rubles in one ride for $0.50. This option is known as Troika card. But we both traveled into two rides of 100 rubles.

Free Tour of Sightseeing:

As you know that Moscow one of the most expensive world’s city, I and my advisor wanted to visit Moscow in as less budget as possible. So free tour to Moscow is a good choice for us. What does it offer? Walking free tours in the city center and daily we left our hostel room and depart from there 10:45 in the morning to visit the Moscow city in the metro. It took two and a half an hour to visit various landmarks etc.

Next amazing option you can get there is sightseeing bus of Moscow which charges $12.50 for one day route.

Moscow city day

Moscow’s Culture:

To know about the culture of Moscow, we both entered into the museum. There are so many museums, exhibitions and different type of galleries in the city. Though the prices of the museums are different from one another but many museums has a free entry every month’s third Thursday.


Well, Moscow has many standard restaurants which are enough expensive to empty your pockets but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do fine dining within your budget. You will have hundreds of dishes in The Grable Chain restaurant’s buffet.

We both went to Grable restaurant and had marinated mushrooms, salted herring, and pork shashlik. We ate a delicious food within our budget.

We stayed in Moscow for about 3 days and then we are left with empty pockets except we have the money to come back to our city. So we decided that it is now the time to say goodbye to Moscow and come back to our home sweet home.

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