Sample essay on my favorite city Beijing

I had a 4-day tour to Beijing China in last summers. As it will be my first visit to Beijing, so before arriving there I talk to a tourist advisor about this place. She told me about the beautiful places and answered my questions promptly.  After taking her guidance I moved forward.

In the very next morning, I took my luggage and move forward towards the airport for the flight. When I arrived at Beijing China, it was a beautiful sunset scene and I just love the sunset scene. Surprisingly, when I arrived there I saw the beautiful sunset scene. What a cherish able welcome it was! When the aeroplane landed at the Beijing Capital International Airport, I along with my tourist advisor saw many KFC’s and Starbucks around the airport hall.


Western Premier Royal Phoenix Beijing:

I along with my tourist advisor drove towards the Western Premier Royal Phoenix Beijing in the peak hour. There was a rush of cars on the road at that time but thanks to my travel agent who arrived with me there. When we arrived there, we showed our passports and got registered. The hotel management gave us a room card and a key.

It is a very luxurious business hotel located at the Wangfujing Commercial Street’s northern side. The very classy with a standard of a 5-star hotel, having a total of seven floors, two hundred rooms of different ranges that are standard rooms, luxurious suites with unique decorated items.

Snack Time:

So there we had a buffet by the hotel. The food was awesome. After having some snacks and food we both come downstairs to walk into the street. Wangfujing Street have different restaurants and shops. We walked there and viewed the beautiful shops and restaurants. We got tired and decided to go back to our rooms and sleep deeply.

Breakfast at the Hotel:

In the morning we both had a delicious breakfast buffet there. So many dishes and all were tasty enough. We both took a little portion of each food item and filled our appetite. We had the best breakfast.

Temple of Heaven:

Our first attraction is Temple of Heaven we visited. It was a neat and clean big park. People come here with their friends for hanging out in the morning. Most of the people do exercises over here in the morning. My travel advisor told me that people also play Taichi Ball here. She also said that you will also find some people who did ballroom dancing, ribbon dancing etc. in the open areas.

Lunch Time:

We had lunch in a near hotel which was not much great. We had a bowl of soup with three dishes in the lunch.  But no worries. We decided to discover more restaurants.

Summer Palace:

Now we arrived at the summer palace which was a royal garden as well as it was emperors dwelling palace. It was so beautiful. One must have to visit Summer Palace.

After visiting summer palace we went back to our hotel room and had a delicious dinner. We slept and decided to discover Beijing more in the very next morning after breakfast buffet.

Ming Tombs:

In the next morning after breakfast buffet, we went into the 500 km to the north of Beijing where Ming Tombs were located. In this area, about thirteen Ming Dynasty emperors lied buried.

Lunch time:

After spending a great time there, and making memories we felt hungry. We had some fruits, juices and packets of chips in our car. We had those in the lunch time.

Bell Tower and Drum Tower:

We moved into the bell tower and drum tower in the evening. These towers were built in 1272 and are prominent buildings.

Lampa Temple:

We had to Lampa Tempel on the third day of our tour. This temple is also known as Yonghe Lamasery or simple Yonghegong. It is a Buddhist temple and it’s really very impressive in the whole city.


Beijing Opera:

Last but not the least, on the third day we moved towards the Beijing Opera as we decided that on the fourth day we will have to take some rest before going back to our country. Beijing Opera is a theatre in the Qianmen Hotel’s first floor. We watched a great show in this theatre and then moved back to our hotel room at night.

The fourth day was our rest day. We stayed at the hotel’s room, enjoyed breakfast, lunch, and dinner over here with lots of gossips. We took so many snaps of us on the places we had visited. Then on the next morning, we said Goodbye Beijing and moved towards the airport to come back to our country.

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