Pros and Cons of Participating in Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials play a vital role in making advancement and progress in the medical health field. The more people participate from every age, race, gender, or class, the more helpful it would be in discovering diagnosis and solutions to multiple disastrous problems. However, the decision of participation in clinical trials is solely based on the individual. So, he must analyze both its pros and cons to be able to make an informed and calculated decision.



First of all, you must look at the positive side which includes many advantages to the participant and the future generations.

  • Easy Access & Best Health Care:

The most important advantage is that the participant gets easy access to the new and effective medical solutions or treatments. This way, you can take an active part in improving your health. Also, the researchers would provide you with regular health check-ups as a part of the treatment or experiment. So, if you are a part of a new treatment which works better than the standard treatment, you might get your undiscovered diseases treated as well whose symptoms were not even emerged yet.

  • Advanced Treatments & Contribution to Society Welfare:

Cancer has always been the most disastrous and life-threatening disease which is still not curable in many areas of the world. But clinical trials allow the participants to get them checked and go through the process of testing. It helps provide both the participants and future generations with advanced cancer treatment. Also, every single part of the participants’ bodies receives focused health care for a particular health issue or disease. Moreover, the participants tend to develop better know-how of different diseases and their cures. More than anything else, clinical trials give their participants a chance to help their loved ones and society by contributing to medical research.




However, it is also important to look at the other side of the picture and analyze the cons of participating in clinical trials.

  • Investment of Time, Energy, and Money:

One of the biggest disadvantages of the participation is that you need to pay more health visits than you would have otherwise with your regular doctor. So, a huge amount of your time and energy will be consumed by the clinical trials. Also, you can’t neglect the money you would have to spend more on travels, tests, and other expenses which are not covered by the health insurance. Moreover, the process of participation itself might not prove to cause a good impact on your mental health. You won’t feel good about visiting doctors and going through the testing process so frequently. You would also have to do more research or some extra paperwork to be able to participate in the clinical trial properly.

Now that you know both the pros and cons of participating in clinical trials, you must know better about how to analyze the situation and take an important decision which is favorable for both you and the society. You can also consult the coordinator to get your queries and confusions addressed beforehand.

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