Why Math and Science are Important Subjects in a Child Schooling

Improvement of math and science learning should be of great concern to the educators and policymakers. This is mainly because the early experiences always affect later education outcomes. When we provide our children with researched based mathematics and science learning opportunities, this is likely to pay off with some increased achievement, literacy and work skills in these critical areas. We can ask ourselves why early childhood science education is important. First and for most, we know that for learners, science is just an extension of their everyday world. Children do not have to be taught how to wonder, discover and explore through playing because this is something they usually do naturally. There has always been a myth that children have to be convinced that science is fun for them to like it. This is not always true because we all know that science has always been fun and also interesting for children, if it is presented in the right way of course. Sometimes people might say that they don’t like science just because of the bad experience they had as a child. It was the experience that made them have that negative attitude towards the subject.

Well, looking at our world today, it is constantly changing and evolving. We have seen some good changes like the web but there have also been bad changes. People have been making huge demands on the planet’s resources and the environment. This has led to humans now trying hard to find solutions for almost everything they do. Studying math’s and science will help in preparing us for a job that will put us in the driving seat, it will give us skills and knowledge to improve the world around us and also the future of the planet. Learning math’s and science as a child can lead to the children coming up with brilliant ideas which when implemented can really be of great use. For instance, it can lead to designing ecologically friendly energy sources or even coming up with new modes of communications therefore early education policies should define mathematics as more than just counting and number, science on the other hand should also be treated as more than just learning lists of facts.

Learning mathematics and science in early can also help us in living more sustainable. It can also motivate us to learn more because it these are very interesting subjects and within no time we can find ourselves producing safe and environmentally friendly products from airplanes to chocolate bars. This can also help us find some breakthrough in the agricultural sector thus working with the farmers to improve crop production. It is also through learning science and mathematics that we can learn on how to protect the environment and combat the effects of climate change by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and this can help us in reducing global warming. It is usually exiting to see what can happen when young minds come together and switch onto the possibilities of scientific discovery. The more math’s and science are being considered as conduits for a brilliant future by students, the more we can look forward to the prospect of an abundance of great teachers. Through science and mathematics we can even find alternative methods for supplying clean water. We might even discover new medicines and vaccines for treating killer diseases, techniques for surgery or even gene therapy. Let us encourage our children and see them excel in these subjects for a better future.

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