Las Vegas: My Favorite City

Las Vegas is a city in the United States, and the most famous city in Nevada. It is globally recognized as a major resort city and is famous for shopping, dining, gambling, and nightlife. Las Vegas is the number one economic and cultural hub for Southern Nevada. Moreover, it is regarded as one of the greatest entertainment cities in the world.

The city is popular for its superb casinos and hotels, and the amusements connected with it.

Population of Vegas:

According to the 2013 census of United States, the approximate population was 603,488. The population of the Las Vegas urban regions was 2,027,828.

It’s Foundation:

Its foundation was laid in 1905 and was included as a city in 1911. It is registered as one of the leading tourist cities in the world.

lasvegas1Our Trip to Las Vegas:

Last year in August, my friends and I made plans to visit Las Vegas for the weekend. For this, we had to line up many things.

Selecting the Airline:

First, we had to select which airline was least expensive and feasible for us to travel with. We searched for many. We found Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Etihad Airways, and more. We decided to travel through Emirates Airlines, the world’s largest airline. It has also received more than 400 awards of distinction globally. It has a system of connecting more than 100 destinations. It also provides cheap rates and offers many deals. Moreover, it provides quick service for passengers.

We reached Las Vegas on Saturday morning and took a rental car for a cheap deal of $7.25 per day. We didn’t check into the hotel right away because we wanted to explore the city first. As we were feeling hungry by then, we went to a local restaurant and had fast food. After that, travelling back down to the Strip, we found a shopping mall. Almost everything was marked 50-80% off.

Watched Movie:

We didn’t check into the hotel yet, and made a plan to watch a movie. We saw Keith in a high-quality cinema. The character Keith aroused the feelings of love, hatred, and love again from the audience. Another character, McCartney, was tremendous. The movie had an excellent story with a lesson that everyone can appreciate.

Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas:

It was late when we checked into the Luxor, but even then it was crowded with people. There was a long line of customers, but somehow we managed to get our turn. After that, we found our room. It was very comfortable and luxurious. In fact, the whole hotel was very beautiful.

Trip to Grand Canyon West Rim:

On Sunday morning, we took breakfast in our hotel and went to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim by plane for the day, and took some pictures there. Then we visited Guano Point and Eagle Point. At Guano Point, we hiked for three hours before returning to Vegas.

Casinos of Las Vegas:

In Las Vegas, there are many casinos. Vegas is known for gambling, night clubs, etc. Most of the time they offer their customers with free drinks to make them continue to play poorly.

Well, I do not like gambling, but my friend forced me to go. You can find many casinos: Binion Casino, Ellis Island, Longhorn casino, O’Sheas Las Vegas, Poker Palace, Silver Nugget, Bighorn, Jerry’s Nugget, and many more.

lasvegas2We went to Binion Casino in downtown Vegas, a 366-room casino founded by Benny Binion in 1951. The owner of this casino was TLC Casino Enterprises.

Binion introduced the high table limits, and became famous for its high gambles. So I spent some money there and got stuck in a $20 hole. After that, I made small bets of $2.50. I played the casino until I got my money back.

Art of the Sin City:

Everyone visits Las Vegas for shopping, gambling, and night clubs. Just a few visitors appreciate the art spread all around. Here you will find sculptures in the hotel lobbies, on the streets, and in some hotels named The Cosmopolitan and Bellagio. In a restaurant named Picasso, you will see a lot of drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

lasvegas3Food of Vegas:

Here, every single restaurant is exceptional for the food that it offers. They provide meat, seafood, homemade bread, etc. We ate seafood most of the time. We also had fast food. If I ever go back, it’ll be because of the food.

lasvegas4Night clubs and discos of Las Vegas:

As everyone knows that the city is famous for its nightlife, i.e., night clubs and discos. It’s a way of life. Clubs are central to the residents’ lives. Famous clubs include the Marque Night Club, TAO, Hakkasan Night Club, Drai’s Beach Club, Body English Club, among others.

I visited the English night club. It was opened in 2012 and became known as Las Vegas’s hottest off-Strip nightlife experience. There is a long staircase from where the customers enter in the club when they are amused by the staff members. The club had two separate rooms which were decorated with luxurious leathers and traditional chandeliers. People enjoyed rock and pop music there. Anyhow, I enjoyed my visit to Las Vegas and wished to go back there in future.

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