Hoverboard Riding Tips, Tricks, and Precautions

The Hover board is the new hot toy nowadays. They are considered to be the self-balancing scooters, occupied every kid’s and adults minds. They are made up of lithium battery and works with your balancing skills, which means leaning. It can reach to a maximum limit of 15 miles an hour, and if anyone falls from that kind of speed could end up in the hospital with no spine or severe head injuries. Even though the toy is quite useful, but has caused many deadly injuries in 2015. If you don’t trust me log in to any social media platform and search #Hoverboardfalls and you will get to see horrible accidents due because of this toy. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use this toy. If you know how to use it aware of the tricks and precautions, they are fun and cool.

Here are some tips, tricks, and precautions you should know before buying a hover board.hoverboard1

  • Overhaul your Hoverboard:

Lift the wheel up a little and press your hand against the footpad, if it’s spinning and not shaking your gadget is overhauled and you are good to go.

  • Read the manual:

Don’t forget to read the manual before you start no matter how good you think you are at balancing. It’s important to follow all instructions be it about weight limit or age to assure safe and happy riding.

  • Use of spotter:

If you are riding board for the first time use a spotter, it will help you if you accidentally fall. A little common sense can do it, says the CEO of a Floatingboard.com which makes these gadgets that people don’t use a spotter while riding. Wear helmet, elbow and knee pads while riding.

  • Don’t ride on public places and streets:

Being a newbie avoids riding it in public places or walk away or streets to avoid major injuries. Start it from your home or from a smooth platform where is no fear of injury.

  • Step on it properly:

According to the CEO of a hoverboard company Tony Le, founder of Glitek step just in the middle of the stance the wildest one possible. Don’t lean too much on the toe or too much bend on the heel. Stand straight and comfortably.

  • Look straight:

Le said; look straight while you ride most of the people look down it just throws everything off. Look straight for a clear view or you will end up crashing into a car or a bike.

  • To get off, step back:

Many people’s intuition is to step forward while riding, that is where the danger occurs and you fall. The right way is to step back first and then gradually step right off with the other foot, this way you won’t fall off.hoverboard2

  • Safety riding tips and precautions:
  1. Always apply safety gears, wear knee and elbow pads. Pay attention to your surroundings don’t get distracted and don’t use a cell phone.
  2. Don’t modify anything in hoverboard it can lead to deadly injuries if you fall.
  3. There are certain weight limits these boards can stand. There are two reasons for weight limitation 1). for safety issues 2). To keep wheel alignment properly and make sure it’s balanced. Too much weight can dis balance the board.
  4. Minimum weight limit: 220 lbs and maximum weight limit: 44 lbs
  5. The temperature should be moderate. The temperature should be moderate for both riders and store. Further information you will get to read in the manual.
  6. Maintenance and charging are important, however, if you go for maintenance it will cost you more.
  7. Driving speed and style matters. Ride on medium speed. Too much stopping, starting, speeding or stopping will cut down the range.
  8. The Maximum speed limit for running should be between 8-10 MPH.
  9. In case you exceed the speed limit of 2 smart wheels balancing, a buzzer near those wheels will turn on to alarm the maximum speed but there will be cases where buzzer won’t turn up. So keep a check of speed accordingly.
  10. The rider’s weight can only be stable if they follow the instruction as recommended and don’t over speed, over speeding can cause damage and injuries.hoverboard3

Hoverboard has a detection function as mentioned above, it will detect and warn you with a buzzer in case the board is not functioning properly.

Following could be the reasons for the warning indication.

  • Over speeding
  • Low battery
  • When the board is in charging mode
  • The board’s pedal turns up while riding
  • Low battery voltage
  • When board moves forth and back for more than 30 seconds.
  • If the temperature rises up for wheels the system will automatically shut down.
  • The system enters into a shutdown when tires stall.
  • If the battery’s voltage is less than the protection system automatically enters into a shutdown mode after 15 seconds.
  • If too much current is discharged like when climbing slopes or steps a lot the system shuts down after 15 seconds.

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