The Growing Trend of Visual Storytelling in Marketing

Visual storytelling is a combination of visuals and content, acting as a powerful tool for conveying information and ideas. What is your way of perceiving things? Are you attracted more to content, images or a combination where you find engaging content with images?

It is noticed over the past few years the physical marketing has moved to web-oriented marketing strategies. The marketing over the internet is widely done through visual storytelling as we have heard that “A picture says a thousand of the word.” It not as plain as it used to be in the earlier times of content with images, it has moved to a broader scope where visual telling involves graphics, pictures, GIFs, and videos.

Importance of Visual Storytelling in Design:-

  • Psychological Approach:

Infographics can be very informative and exciting to read. It is more appealing and captures audience attentions. Understanding the human behavior and creating story telling images is the best way to customer engagement. Getting into the psychological behavior patterns of consumers of what they like or dislike leads to creating compelling images that trigger the minds of the users.

  • Communication Approach:

Your brand has failed unless it does not communicate well with the audience, Communication via videos, animation, and GIFs are the fastest growing way of visual storytelling in marketing. Brands that use visual content have found that it inspires better engagement with their customers.

How to make A Story Telling design:-

A strong multimedia design is essential for storytelling to make the design lasts for long. Here are few factors that impact the strength of design.

  • Consistency:

We now have understood that visual storytelling is a potent marketing tool, to use it efficiently we need to bring consistency to our work. Our graphics and content have to be relevant to the brand. Visual storytelling helps a brand to reach to the minds and hearts of the people while being relevant.

  • Authenticity:

We live in a dual world, different people with different perspectives, Authenticity in visual storytelling is a key to staying consistent in what you do, and having a visual voice of your brand connects you to the community creating a personal attachment of the audience with the brand.


Consumers know well of what they see and share on social media. Visuals that pull people are the most efficient ones rather than the ones who are pushed to the customers. Social media has thus become a viable platform to visually market a brand. The mobile devices have taken up the place of desktop devices and consumers are interacting more with the social applications, getting attracted to the visuals they see over the internet. People who are not inclined towards digital marketing will eventually be left behind in this modern world. So, wake up and sail with the trending waves.

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