Essentials in Writing

Writing is the most challenging yet interesting task which you would ever experience. However, you can take the courses of “Essentials in Writing” to stand out of other writers. It is a language art program which is available for different grades’ students who can learn through videos, DVDs, or audios. It can fulfill all of the basic requirements of writing to make one an amazing writer among all others.

The courses of “Essentials in Writing” are designed in a way that any of its two courses would be equivalent to one credit. Video Instructors of the courses are very interactive, energetic, and talented who can teach each level student. The use of the whiteboard is quite normal to make the students understand different complicated concepts. Also, the length of different videos and DVDs varies according to the complexity of the topic. Normally a single course has one to four streaming videos which cover all the major topics of the subject.

Moreover, the workbook is provided to help the students look at the assignments and watch the relevant videos. The assignments and videos go hand in hand however, some students prefer to watch the videos first and then work on the assignments later. In both cases, the material which is provided for each course or subject is sufficient to have a good understanding of the related concepts. Moreover, a great amount of time is spent on developing writing skills. So, it tends to attract a lot of students who are fed up of spending time in the grammar review and other general writing skills.

Another important feature it has is the opportunity for the parents to interact and keep a check on their children’s performances in writing. The scoring guides are designed so that the parents would be able to evaluate the compositions. In addition to that, there are also sample works or papers available for the parents to compare and make a proper analysis of their own children’s work. Also, the sample papers are helpful for the students themselves as they would understand what is expected from them. For the parents who want more assistance, there is an updated version or service which they can purchase to get detailed suggestions and comments along with the scores.

The sequence of different topics is based on different levels of writing starting from the instructions of grammar and sentence structure and moving towards the relatively complicated topics like composition, poetry, research papers, essays, and so much more. Due to the repetition of a few important topics regarding writing, you can also jump from one level to another by skipping a few which comes in between. For upper or older levels, there is a manual which is specially designed to provide students with different options and enable them to switch according to their mood and taste.

So, the courses in “Essentials in Writing” are quite easy to use and help save a lot of the time. Both the videos and worktext are worth spending money and time for.

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