Essay on My Visit to Murree Valley Pakistan

Murree is a real beauty of Pakistan which is also known as “Queen of Hills”. It looks like a fantasy which grabs the attention of a lot of tourists. Every summer a lot of people from different nations visit it to get rid of the scorching heat of the sun. I didn’t get a chance to visit it before but last summer when I went there, the whole experience of traveling and visiting beautiful places was memorable.

Murree Valley flickr photo by Guilhem Vellut shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license
  • Weather

The weather of Murree is always pleasant and cool. Most of the people even get a chance to experience snow falling. There are beautiful shops, restaurants, cafés, and stalls all around. Moreover, you can hear the fusion of western and Pakistani music which makes the whole atmosphere even more attractive. When the light gets dim in the evening, it becomes harder to leave the place or get back to the hotels. Everyone tends to have a secret desire of staying in the hills forever.

  • Mall Road

The most important and popular part of the Murree is “Mall Road” which I also visited first. It is always crowded as a lot of people come here to have delicious food and buy unique things for their friends, family, and relatives. However, the best time to visit this road is certainly after the evening when the overall view becomes even more splendid. Also, a lot of adventurous people prefer going to Mall road at midnight. So, the tour of Murree is incomplete without going here.

  • Chair Lift & Cable Car

Chair lift and cable car are other most highlighted features of Murree which everyone loves. It can take one from new Murree to Patriata which are at the distance of 7km from each other. The whole area which comes in between these two destinations is covered with dark and huge forests. Every person is charged at least 500 rupees to complete the ride through chair lift or cable car. The rates, however, keep on increasing over time. But it is absolutely worth it as you get to see a lot of beautiful sceneries from the bird’s eye view.

  • Kashmir Point

Kashmir Point is another place in Murree which would leave you surprised. It is covered with fruit and pine trees where you can see a lot of carefree monkeys jumping from one branch or tree to another. There are also many picnic spots as well which you can visit simply by following the other people or asking any native about it. Most of the spots are surrounded by long hills and dark green trees. Moreover, you would see clouds so near to you that they would give the allusion that you can touch them. It completely feels like paradise which would make you want to stay there throughout the year. In a nutshell, Murree is the most beautiful and unforgettable place to visit at least once in your life. I won’t even mind visiting it every year as it is a fantastic place.

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