Essay on my favorite city Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy. Almost 2.9 million people lived there. Rome is the major and most inhabited community of Italy. It is situated in the central-western part of the Italian Peninsula near the coastline of Tiber River.

In Rome, there exists a country within it which is named as Vatican City. Rome has a position as that of a universal city. Research shows that in 2014, the city is the most visited city in the world and regarded as the 3rd most visited city in the European Union. Moreover, it is regarded as the greatest temptation for the travelers.

rome1Greatest traveling attractions:-

Tourists from all over the world came here and visited many places. But the most attracting places for them include the monuments and museums like the Vatican museums and the Colosseum.

Once my friend and I made a plan to visit Rome. We were keen to visit there as this was our first chance to see Rome. Anyhow, at the planned day we reached there in the evening and took a room in a hotel. After that, we took dinner at a nearby hotel. There we were offered with a vast variety of foods to select from, which includes pizzas and pasta also. Different kinds of desserts were also offered to us. Afterwards, we checked into our room for a sound sleep as we were exhausted at that time.

The very next day, we went to the Vatican. We also visited the Castle Saint Angelo, where we had a beautiful vision of the whole city. While visiting the Vatican, we saw many paintings of Michelangelo-like the very popular statue of the Virgin holding Jesus, which is named as La Pieta. Afterwards, we visited the Spanish steps also. Then we also visited the Coliseum museum to have an idea about Roman history.

rome2Trevi fountain of Rome:-

In Rome, there is a fountain named Trevi fountain. The people who lived there have a belief that whoever throw a coin into the fountain on his shoulder will return to Rome one day. My friend and I also throw the coin there.

Foods of Rome:-

We ate different foods there. We ate Italian as well as American food. We also had pasta, pizza and gelato, which is a kind of an Italian ice-cream and is soft and creamy. You can have all its topping which you wishes but most of the time the only topping they offer is cherry.

rome3Weather of Rome:-

Its weather is cool and humid in winters, and hot and dry in summers. If we talk about Rome’s normal temperature, it is above 20 degrees at daytime and 10 degrees at night time. Its coldest month is January, and the warmest is July.

Gardens of Rome City:-

You can see greenery everywhere in Rome as parks and gardens cover a large area there. Here exist a great number of villas and gardens. I visited some of them and enjoyed the greenery which attracts every tourist.

Bridges of Rome:-

In Rome, there exist many famous bridges among them only one bridge is unchanged until today. Its name is Ponte dei Quattro Capi. I visited that bridge. It truly gives a glimpse of Rome’s ancient age.

rome4Conclusion about my Visit to Rome City:-

So I can say that Rome is one of the most amazing and interesting cities of the world. My tour to Rome was a lifetime experience. Therefore, I like to go back to Rome whenever there is a chance, because I fully enjoyed my experience.

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