6 Tips to Find and Buy the Best Wholesale Collectibles Online

There are many reasons for consumers to buy wholesale collectibles. The prices on these items are low, therefore, it is the main reason for most of the consumers to buy the products from the wholesalers. People used to find it as the hobby to purchase collectibles or products in bulk. Nowadays Online directories offer a simple and quick way for anyone who wants to start a retail business or a company/institution that’s looking for a wide range of wholesale suppliers. If you are looking for a suitable figurines collectibles directory, you will want to focus on some few key areas in the process.

Most of the retailers purchase items in bulk at a low price and took the advantage of reselling them at a higher price. But there are many people who are searching for wholesale prices as these are best suits to the household budget. A buyer looks for a lot of particular items when he wants to buy that product in bulk for personal use for their family or business. In this way, a buyer can get a large volume of collectibles at a lower price. Although many consumers buy these items with the thought to use them in future like clothing, dry food products, canned food products, and toiletries.

collectibles1Kinds of wholesale collectibles:

  • Jewelry
  • Media
  • Clothing
  • Sunglasses
  • Toys
  • Home and Garden

collectibles2Tips for buying online wholesale products:-

1. Identify your Seller and do they qualify their suppliers?

Firstly you need to identify that who is your seller. Let’s suppose you are going to buy products from eBay then you must examine the past history of the eBay. Likewise, do same for the others, online sellers. You will also find some ratings and feedback system so this will also give you the confidence in choosing the best one where you can buy your products in bulk for a cheaper price.

Not all online directories that provide wholesale figurines and collectibles are created equal. With this in mind, take the time to find out whether the suppliers in this figurines collectibles directory are allowed to post their items after verification. This ensures that you’ll only be dealing with legitimate companies who can be relied upon to supply the collectibles they claim to have in stock.

2. Identify your wholesale Products and Request for samples:-

This is very important that you must know about the items you are going to purchase in bulk. Check the product listing thoroughly. Read it carefully and then buy your desired products.

Before you commit to buying large volumes of the collectibles you are interested in, ask the supplier to send you a few samples. You may have to pay for the samples but at least, they will give you an idea of the kind of product and service you should expect before you make a commitment to buy wholesale.

collectibles33. Ask for Perks and Review packaging and instructions:-

You may also ask for a discount from your seller. Just subscribe for their email for the discounted items. Also asked about the reason for the items of being discounted.

Suppliers will offer you different packaging and instructions so it’s up to you to inspect this when viewing the samples. Choose suppliers from the wholesale figurines collectibles directory who have exported to your destination country because they are more likely to have the certifications required for your business to use the products in your home country.

4. Making payments:-

Suppliers will present you with different payment terms. In most cases, the importer will be required to pay 30% upfront and clear the balance when the wholesale products have been shipped, received and inspected by the importer. You can also negotiate as an importer to have a payment plan that is more suitable for your business.

collectibles45. Insurance and Checking for product quality:-

You also need to make it clear while buying the wholesale products that the seller has to ensure the collectibles. For any type of query, you may contact the seller. The products must be insured.

If you are starting out with a small order, you may choose to do the quality control within your business or institution. However, collectibles are still very sensitive products and you must ascertain their quality before making large orders. You can even consider hiring a third party to inspect the order after shipment.

6. Consider shipping and logistics:-

It is likely to consider those listings which are near to you so that shipping cost may be lowered. You may consider shipping the collectibles via an ocean vessel or by air depending on the size and how fast they are needed. Ocean shipping can take time mainly because of customs clearance. Air shipping can be cost effective if the volumes are low and the collectibles are needed quickly.

If you are getting started, choose a reliable wholesale figurines collectibles directory and find a good supplier, make a small order and start the importing process. Take these small steps and you’ll learn a lot as you go.


To conclude the above discussion, in a nutshell, it is crucial to have a knowledge of seller from whom you are going to purchase. Compare each seller with one another and then choose the best one.

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