5 Best Roofing Materials for an ideal Roof

Roofing has become one of the essential features of the house. Its style carries serial factors which involve an architect, location, and materials available. If you have planned on modifying your house’s roofing, then it’s high time you need to look not just into the roof style but also the design and most important the material. The modification is always necessary especially when it comes down to house’s roofing. It can give your house a whole new look as well as add value to the top. Roofing material can bring an extensive change in the functionality. While preparing for roof’s installation the most important thing to look in is material. A wise decision of material selection can not only take your house’s exterior to next level but also increases the durability and life of the roof.

There are a number of materials available commercially varying from quality to cost. The wise decision for picking up the right material as per your need is a difficult task , so here are some things you need to know before choosing a perfect roofing material according to your need.


1. The weight of material and does it require special framing.

2. Availability of material in a variety of colors.

3. Styles complementing your house.

4. Installation and maintenance issues.

5. Material’s performance in extreme weather.

6. The cost of the material.

7. The lifespan of the material.

8. Warranty.

9. Eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

10. Installation period.

roofingmaterials1PROS AND CONS:

Everything has pros and cons. Some roofing material is only good for your house than other buildings and vice versa. Some factors like roof framing, roof’s strength may limit your choice of material. Areas which are decumbent for fires, extremely harsh weather, hurricanes, look for a material with high fire and wind resistance. Just to be on the safer side it’s better to take precautions and ask the experts roofers in plymouth Michigan to do the job. Below are some types of materials along with their functions which may help you to find the right roofing material for yourself.


Surprisingly the most used material for the roof is inexpensive compared to others. They are the most popular of its kind spanning 80% of the residential roof market. Asphalt is easy to use and install as well as cheaper. It is most commonly used in the US. They are cheap in the pocket and come with 20-30 years warranty. By purchasing a coated Asphalt shingles you can match the energy star standards like a cool roof. On the other hand, three layered asphalt shingles are comparatively thin and expensive than architectural.

1. Material:

It’s made up of organic paper fiber (good for harsh weathers and wind resistance) and fiberglass (more fire resistance) and coated with mineral granules.

2. Eco-friendly:

It can be recycled.

3. Cost:

Inexpensive to reasonable.

roofingmaterials2METAL ROOFING:

Expensive compared to asphalt shingles. Usually used for a warehouse. They are durable for extremely harsh weather. Available in two types’ i.e. panels and shingles. They are light weighted and long-lasting. They are perfectly designed for flat or steep rooflines. It can either be in the form of solid metal or constructed metal. Metal roofing is getting popular in many areas of the country. Metal roofing is making its way to middle Eastern as well as the south United States.

1. Material:

Zinc, copper, aluminum, steel

2. Eco-friendly:


3. Cost:

Steel (reasonable) copper (expensive)


Oldest roofing material that is durable. Best for fire and wind resistance in bad weather. Available in many colors. Adding beauty and elegance to your house look. Stale roofing comes commonly in black, green, gray and red color. The material is especially mostly popular in Poland and Northeast portion of US.

1. Material:

Made out from natural slate

2. Eco-friendly:

Extremely eco-friendly, produced from natural material.

3. Cost:

Too expensive and requires special installment

roofingmaterials3WOOD SHINGLES:

Wood shingles are used from house owners from years. For long lasting results choose cedar or redwood, it will live for 30 to 50 years. For areas that are prone to natural disasters use a rated wood roofing products. It gives a natural look. Shawn shingles or thicker split shakes are easily available.

1. Materials:

Commonly used material (cedar) but can also be used by other rot resistance wood like redwood.

2. Eco-friendly:

Made up of natural resources

3. Cost:

Moderate and starting from $100 a square.


The most advanced technology introduced is green roofing. The roof is covered with waterproof materials which allow drainage. The term green is because of its ability to produce plants growth like moss. It acts as a natural insulator and throws back oxygen in the air which makes it more eco-friendly. It absorbs excess water and helps it in producing the plants and creepers.

Before investing in new roof one should know about the material you want according to the location, weather, budget, and eco-friendliness. A wise decision will help you to forget about your roof installation at least for 30 years approx.

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