10 Things You Should Know About Gasoline

Here, we discuss the facts that you need to know about gasoline. Gasoline is available in different octane numbers in the world. All different kinds of vehicles need gasoline of different octane numbers. Higher the octane number means the better and finest quality of the gasoline. This product is need of the whole world and is mostly found from the gulf countries which are naturally enriched with gas and petroleum products. The economy of these countries depends upon these lubricants. Gasoline contains different octane number so, you must choose the octane number of gasoline according to your vehicle. Suppose, if you have an old car and it is prepared for the octane number 87 but it makes a knocking sound then you can change it to the upper octane 89. If your car will stop to produce the knocking sound with octane number 89, then you can always use this octane gasoline.

You must have the knowledge about the costs of different gasoline. You should also know about the demand for the gasoline to your vehicle and the tax you paid per liter amount. You also take in your mind that premium quality gasoline which contains octane number in between 90-93 is the best option for you if you have a new generation car while for old generation car you may use the regular gasoline of octane number 87-89. These octane numbers come from the refining of crude oil.

Things you should know about gasoline:

  • Prizes of gasoline:

There are different types of gasoline with different octane rating. This rating shows the refined percentage of gasoline from the crude oil. Therefore, different gasoline contains different prizes. The amount of ethanol is also different in various gasoline.

  • Measurement of gasoline:

The measurement is also an issue in gasoline. Different pumps have different measurement averages of gas. This is because the employees in weights and measures department are in low quantity but the requirement is very large. Therefore, the gallon sometimes may not contain a gallon.

  • E10 gasoline:

There are different blends in the gasoline. E10 is one of them which contain 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline. This gasoline is mostly used in motorcycles are commonly used in many countries.

  • E15 gasoline:

You also have knowledge about the newly approved E15 gasoline. This gasoline contains 15 percent ethanol and less than 5 percent of the cars are approved by their manufacturers to use this E15 gasoline. This gasoline is not approved by the manufacturers of motorcycles.

  • E85 gasoline:

E85 is a gasoline with 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. This gasoline can be used in flexible fuel automobiles. But there is a problem while using in the motorcycles that the more percentage of ethanol tends to corrode the aluminum and rubber parts of the fuel system. Therefore, E85 recommended cars have been designed with stainless steel and seals that are not sensitive to get the corrosion element.

  • Similar gasoline of different brands:

The gasoline of different brands contains nearly same gasoline. Only the difference is that all the brands put some additives to yield the desired product and make them more efficient. Therefore, gasoline on different stations contains same product.

  • The demand for gasoline:

The demand of your country is also a part you must need to know. As the US consumes about 20 million barrels of oil per day. Which can be yield after and remain the one-third of the amount. This gasoline is also used for distillate the jet oil, residual fuel and other products.

  • Summer composition:

Summer blend is used in summer from June to September which contains some essential additives.

  • Winter composition:

Winter blend is used in winter from September mid to May. This blend contains composition to prevent the changes from cold atmosphere.

  • How much fuel comes from a barrel:

As one barrel contain 42 gallons of crude oil but after refining the crude oil it gets an average of 19 gallons per barrel. From this, you have an idea of the product that you get.


From the above conclusion, we got some authentic knowledge about the gasoline product how they can refine and the layout of different types of gasoline for various vehicles are used in the way. We also got the knowledge about the different compositions of gasoline that are available at the time.

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